The biggest milestone moments from 20 years of Snowbombing!

From Street Party proposals to accidentally carting compost to a certain DJ's crash pad and creating an entire new genre of music, there's been a shed load of milestone moments in Snowbombing's massive 20 years!

Holidays to the 'hof always end in a story or two, so we've moved mountains to pull them all together in one place below.

Every week leading up to our BIG TWO OH we'll be sharing one of our Milestone Moments. See what we've got so far...


Back In 2011 we booked an unknown ginger kid to play Snowbombing. He missed his flight but his dad drove him from the UK to the 'Hof, and he was pretty damn good according to to those who witnessed his tunes... Wonder what became of him? 🤔


When The Prodigy first saw our repurposed nativity stage, tucked away in an alpine forest clearing, it took some convincing, but these twisted firestarters set the stage alight! 🔥 We like The Prodigy so much we had to have them back for our 20th anniversary celebration - not a bad house band, eh? 🤘

Check back every Thursday for another pearler from the past. As you can tell we're pretty excited for SB19 and our 20th birthday!